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There are two ways to get in UK for study purpose. Most of people only knows about the tier 4 student visa but this is not the only option through which you can entered in UK as student to get education. Tier 4 sponsor license can also bring you in UK for study purpose but there are very few people who are aware with tier 4 sponsor license. Following I am sharing details about tier 4 student visa and tier 4 sponsor license, which will help you to get more knowledge about immigration to UK including open new door for you to get entered in UK with legal way.

What is Tier 4 Student Visa?

Tier 4 student visa also known as general visa which has been granted to those students who wish to get studies from universities and colleges of UK including high school. There is no age restriction of tier 4 student visa as long you successfully got admission in education center. But there are number of requirements you need to fulfill before you apply for tier 4 student visa to UK. These requirements includes:

·         You have ability to speak, write, read and understand English language

·         You has been offered an admission in a university or collage

·         You have enough money to support yourself in UK including pay your fee

·         You are not from EEA countries including Switzerland

·         You meet the requirements of university or collage etc.

It is necessary to apply for tier 4 student visa at least 3 month before your course start because the visa process can take more than 3 months where processing time may differ on the bases of your country. But if you are taking services from an immigration services company then you may get relaxation on processing time as they have experience to dead with urgent cases.

What is Tier 4 Sponsor License?

Very few people know about tier 4 sponsor license because very few people get qualified for this. This sponsor license if not granted to the students who want to come to UK for study purpose but this license has been issued to those who want to sponsor an overseas student from outside EEA. A person cannot sponsor someone's education until he/she did not get tier 4 sponsor license from Home Office.

The procedure and requirement for tier 4 application differ on case to case where processing time works in same way as tier 4 student visa which is based on country from where the student is coming to get education in UK.

Fees for tier 4 visa:

The visa and license fee for tier 4 student visa and tier 4 sponsor license cost minimum £350 but the fee could be vary on the bases of the country you are applying.

Applying for tier 4 student visa and tier 4 sponsor license could be very messy and time taking process while if you are doing this without the help of experts then there are always chances of mistake. So take advantage of Mann's Solution who are expert in this process and providing other immigration services including UK investor visa, tier 2 visa and business person visa related help. Click below for more details.

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